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  1. A man in a crowd waves.

    Seven jurors were empanelled by the second day of Donald Trump’s trial Tuesday, leaving only five slots plus several backups unfilled. It was faster than most had predicted for the historic and unusual criminal trial.

  2. A person wearing a police-style uniform and helmet is shown standing near large piles of concrete debris as a heavily damaged, multi-storey building is shown.

    A Russian missile attack killed at least 13 residents and damaged buildings and municipal infrastructure in the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv on Wednesday, local officials said.

  3. A clean-shaved middle aged man is shown smiling outside in a closeup photo.

    British actor Hugh Grant has settled a lawsuit against the publisher of the Sun tabloid newspaper over claims journalists used private investigators to tap his phone and burgle his house, his lawyer said in court documents on Wednesday.

  4. Salman Rushdie

    Acclaimed author Salman Rushdie was attacked on a New York stage in August 2022 and suffered life-changing injuries. He spoke to CBC's The Current about his new book, in which he details the stabbing, imagines a conversation with the alleged attacker and shares how he beat the odds to survive.

  5. Two women are shown standing by a sign that is posted on a door calling for a ceasefire.

    The artist and curators representing Israel at this year's Venice Biennale announced Tuesday they won't open the Israeli pavilion exhibition until there is a ceasefire in Gaza and an agreement to release hostages.